Photo: Courtesy Steve Williams, Local Historian
To the south of the line on Green Lane stood Cherry Tree Mill. There was also a tannery and a Machine Works close by - other than that there was little industry, hence the small goods yard. The station in fact had quite long platforms, for they continued under the bridge for some 40 yards or so. Today the goods shed still stands but the original station buildings have gone - knocked down years ago. The LURs line from Feniscowles joined the Blackburn - Preston line approximately 300 yards west of Cherry Tree station. This length was four tracks wide.
Courtesy of John Feenan
A Hughes L & Y 0-8-0 leaving the Blackburn - Preston line at Cherry Tree junction. It’s working hard on the start of the continual incline to Withnell. The line arcs round and crosses the A674 over Three Arches bridge
On the 14th April 1955 Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Train used the line, Here seen leaving Cherry Tree Station and just beginning the climb at Cherry Tree Junction on to the Chorley Line. The leading engine is 45571 South Africa which entered service on 17th September 1938. It was withdrawn on 15th June 1963 and cut up at Crewe on 31st July 1963
This is Cherry Tree Station in 2011, a much leafier place
(© Adrian Bradshaw)
This is Cherry Tree Station in LYR days which means it is pre 1923. Even pre 1923 the sidings looked to be seldom (if at all) used. The train appears to be setting off due to the amount of smoke being emitted and a three man permanent way gang await its passing. The mill to the right has been demolished as has the station building on the left (Blackburn bound) platform. This picture was taken from the A674 road bridge and the train’s carriages are below Green Lane. The platforms continue beyond that bridge (though today they are not used).
(© Martin Bott)
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Cherry Tree Station was built by the Blackburn and Preston Railway Company who opened their line on 3rd June 1846 - some 23 years earlier than the Chorley to Cherry Tree Line. Hence the station at Cherry Tree bore no resemblance to any of the stations on the latter line. The main station building was on the Blackburn bound platform. In fact the
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A Fowler 4F “Maid of all Work” as they were described then, seen here in Aug 1953 banking the 8pm Blackburn-Chorley freight on the Chorley branch at Cherry Tree. This photo is taken at the same location as the picture immediately above and the rails of the line to Preston can be seen at the bottom of this photo
Courtesy of Keith Tanner
the station, goods yard and two small sidings were crammed into a small triangle whose 3 sides were the mainline, the A674 Chorley - Blackburn road and Green Lane.