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Local Life Magazine - Feature
In the Mar/April 2014 edition of the magazine Local Life there was an article on the Chorley - Blackburn Line called End of The Line. Prior to it being published I was contacted by the writer of the article, David Sudworth, asking permission to use some of the photos from this site. He also asked me to phone him, which I did. After a 20 minute chat the call ended and he went away and wrote his article. I’d forgotten all about it till March when Local Life came through the letterbox. The article is a well written piece with all but one photo (White Bear) coming from this site. It is three pages long, but is more concerned with the reasons for closure and of course the person responsible for its demise - Baron Beeching of East Grinstead, more commonly known as Dr Beeching or the Axe man. Below are the three pages from the magazine which can be read here and there is a website for Local Life were you can read every edition of the magazine