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...The massive television transmitter - The plaque to a plane crash in 1958 and Scotsman's Stump - a monument erected in respect of a George Henderson of Annan in Dumfrieshire, who was murdered on the hill on 9/11/1838. Although a man was arrested for the crime, he was not convicted. For more info on the air crash see here Until 1960 there used to be a colliery on Winter Hill, remains of which can be seen today. Winter Hill can be an inhospitable place, but when the weather is clear the views are magnificent and warrant the climb. There are several transmitters, with the largest being the TV mast. There is also an Ordnance Survey trig. point

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White Coppice, Anglezarke & Rivington

Lister Mill Quarry (SD618164)

..took its name from an old bleaching factory that was nearby, the site of which is now below Anglezarke Resevoir. Other recorded spellings of the name are Leicester and Lester. Until the building of the reservoirs in the 1850's, the quarry was a very small concern. However, the reservoirs scheme needed thousands of tons of stone and production at the quarry increased significantly. Today the quarries are silent, apart from the hum of distant cars. There are many walks around the area and there is a metalled path through the quarry itself. Views from the top of the quarry are extensive on clear days. Car parking is plentiful. To view the remains follow this link
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The TV Mast
The Plaque
Scotsman’s Stump

Rivington Pike (SD 643138)

Standing 1198 ft above sea level the Pike has a fair amount of history. The building on the summit is a grade two

listed building. The present tower was built in 1733 by John Andrews. He built it on the foundations of a beacon that

was used to warn of danger. The original beacon is known to have existed in the 1100's and is also known to have

been lit in July 1588 to warn of the Spanish Armada when it was seen in the English Channel. The Tower originally

had a wooden roof and a fire place within it. Since it was renovated in 1974 access to the tower has been prohibited.

It is a tradition within the area to walk up the Pike on Good Friday and visit the fair which is held on the summit each

year for that day only. There is also a fell race held on the same day.

Winter Hill (SD661146)

See Walks for information on how to get here. There are several items of interest to see on the summit ...

The Street (SD621142)

The Street is a private road, and a public footpath that joins the Horrobin Lane Embankment with the Knowsley Embankment. It is 0.9 miles long. A house, also called The Street, along with a water mill, and 15 cottages, stood in the valley that is now below the surface of the Upper Rivington Reservoir. When the reservoir was built, new houses were built to replace those that were flooded by the reservoir. A large house named the Street and several other dwellings were built along the line of the current Street. They were called “compensation” houses. Walking down The Street, there are excellent views to be had and things to see, in particular the headstone of three pets, which was erected by Joyce - view photo’s of The Street here and read “Who was Joyce”
The building at the far right is the the pub called The Clog Inn